Our Programs

WWV programs help our women veterans in the following ways

  1. Survivorship
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    Surviving battery, sexual abuse, emotional turmoil, and more is a struggle for everyone – even our veterans. Our survivorship program supports women veterans with the skills, confidence, and continuing courage to survive.
  2. Mental Health Services
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    Staying healthy in life goes beyond what you put into your body; it includes your emotions, too. Our mental health services help women veterans overcome the mental and emotional challenges stopping them from living life.
  3. Compassion Scholarships
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    Paying rent, buying a car, or even putting food on the table can be a struggle as our women veterans adjust to life. Our compassion scholarships help women veterans keep the lights on, no matter the hardship they face.
  4. Financial Literacy
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    Money issues and fiscal responsibility can hold back anyone from succeeding in life. For women veterans adjusting to life after their service, helping them learn the ins and outs of financial issues that will affect them and how to overcome this is essential to a stable life.
  5. Educational Scholarships
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    Discovering what’s next in life can be a difficult challenge for any woman veteran. Our educational scholarships help these veterans succeed by proving them the financial services they need to go back to school, earn a degree, or learn a trade skill.
  6. Entrepreneurial Mentoring
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    Veteran-owned businesses are growing across the nation. Our entrepreneurial mentoring program helps women veterans learn the skills to start their own business, take initiative at work, and much more to find a calling after their military service ends.